Gold Digger - Salted peanut butter flavour protein balls

The lowdown

  •  Too busy to eat healthy? We all make plans to eat well, and then when life gets busy reach for the nearest bag of chips or candy bar. Not anymore. Be prepared and have me rolling by your side, that one good decision to snack on my balls, will lead to other healthy decisions throughout the day.

  •  Watching your weight? We all want to walk into a room with more confidence, right? When you look good, you feel amazing, so why do you keep sabotaging yourself? Your only gain, is weight. Cut out the countless empty foods, and start snacking on my guilt free balls. Full of protein and good fats, I’ll keep you satisfied between meals, waving those cravings goodbye and leaving you to be the best version of yourself.

  •  Looking for a real friend? 3PM hits and you reach for a snack…think of chocolate as a fake friend, it will have your back for all of five minutes, AKA the sugar high, but is nowhere to be seen during your low, unless of course, you eat more. It’s a vicious cycle, and we’ve all been there. With no refined sugars, i've got your back and a hold of those cravings. Leaving to roll through your busy day like a baller.


  • 5 x 40g balls per tube
  • $3.59 per ball
  • 167 calories per ball
  • wheat & refined sugar free
  • 100% natural & no preservatives!
  • grass-fed whey protein
  • product is not vegan

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