Take a look at what I'm made of. 100% natural is how I roll.

whey protein isolate

A protein isolate contains a higher percentage of pure protein used to build and repair muscles. And because I use grass fed whey, you get more antioxidants without the antibiotics or hormones grain fed cows are given.

brown rice flour

Just another way for me to utilise the many benefits of brown rice. High in protein, iron, fibre, and vitamin B, it’s not just flour.
It packs a punch of manganese to help with proper development of bones and cartilage.

fruit juice grain dextrin

I added this in as a natural way to give you that feeling of fullness. Derived from rice starch, it helps regulate insulin response, and tells your brain, “OK, I’m full now.” It can also reduce the risk of heart disease. (Hazel & Gretel Flavour Only)


Hazelnuts should be considered a brain- boosting powerhouse. They’re full of elements that can improve brain and cognitive function and help prevent degenerative diseases later in life. With high levels of vitamin E your hair and skin will also be thanking you. (Hazel & Gretel Flavour Only)

rice malt syrup

My rice malt syrup is made from 100% brown rice; and that means 100% fructose free. Say goodbye to the highs and lows of refined sugar. Malt syrup is sweet AND slow releasing so you feel great all day.


What better way to get fibre, probiotics and “good” cholesterol. With grain-free flour made from cassava root, my tapioca is the best way to give you a delicious treat and give your belly the good bacteria it needs.


Cacao is the purest form of chocolate you can consume, which means it is raw and much less processed than cocoa powder. It has nearly four times the antioxidant content of regular processed dark chocolate. Amazing right!? (Hazel & Gretel Flavour Only)


Packed full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and protein, peanuts are the ultimate health food to stimulate your metabolism, and stop you from reaching for foods with empty calories. They also provide healthy cholesterol to protect your heart. (Gold Digger Flavour Only)

maple syrup

Only the real deal here, 100% pure Canadian syrup directly from the sap of the maple tree. With 63 antioxidants, it’s a delicious and healthy way to boost your immune system and help prevent diseases caused by free radicals, such as cancer or diabetes.

sunflower lecithin

Who would have thought that cold pressing sunflower seeds could be so good for you?
This fat is not only nutritious, it will keep you sharp all day long because it benefits your nervous system and improves your brain function.

pink himalayan salt

This is salt in its most pure form. Sourced in the Himalayan mountain range, it contains over eighty highly beneficial trace minerals, electrolytes, and other elements. Say no to white and yes to pink. (Gold Digger Flavour Only)